Zoom Integration via Integromat

Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows with an ease and Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

You can connect 500+ applications to Zoom via Integromat.

Below are the Zoom functionalities you can use while creating Integration Scenarios via Integromat.

  • Zoom – Watch Meetings INSTANT
    Triggers when one of your meetings starts, ends or an attendee joins it.
  • Zoom – Add a Meeting Registrant
    Registers a participant for a meeting.
  • Zoom – Create a Meeting
    Creates a meeting for a user.
  • Zoom – Delete a Meeting
    Deletes a meeting.
  • Zoom – Retrieve a Meeting
    Retrieves details of a meeting.
  • Zoom – Update a Meeting
    Updates details of a meeting.
  • Zoom – Update a Meeting Registrant’s Status
    Updates a registrants status for a meeting.
  • Zoom – List Meeting Registrants
    Get a list of meeting registrants.
  • Zoom – List Meetings
    Lists meetings for a user.
Zoom Integromat Integration Scenario

Integration Use cases for Zoom:

  • Zoom – Google Calender:
    • Create a Zoom meeting from a new Google Calendar event and add the created meeting URL to the Google Calendar event
    • Add all your Zoom meetings to a Google Calendar as events
  • Zoom – Calendly:
    • Create Zoom meetings from new Calendly events
  • Zoom – SuperSaaS:
    • Let every SuperSaaS appointment create a meeting room in Zoom
    • Let the SuperSaaS reminder create a meeting room in Zoom
  • Zoom – Short.io:
    • Personalize Zoom links with Short.io and share them via Gmail
  • Zoom – Todoist:
    • Create Zoom meetings from new Todoist tasks
  • Zoom – Wrike:
    • Create Zoom meetings from new Wrike tasks
  • Zoom – Copper:
    • Create Zoom meetings from new Copper tasks

Zoom API’s Details

Most of the Zoom API’s have been exposed by Zoom Module but still if enterprise wants to have a custom Integration scenario using Zoom Api options, We can use “HTTP Module” to call any API for Zoom to get data or push data to Zoom Application.

Zoom API official documentation:  https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/using-zoom-apis

Happy Automating via Integromat

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