List of Words Misused : Alphabet B & C

List of Words Misused in English ... Continued

18. Beneficial (Useful) : Exercise is beneficial for health.

Beneficent (well-wisher) : People chose a beneficent king to rule over them.


19. Bear (endure) : He could not bear such a heavy loss in his business.

Bare (not covered) : Do not go out in the sun with your head bare.


20. Bale (bundle) : He stole two bales of cotton.

Bail (security) : He was set free on bail.


21. Berth (a place to sleep) : I got reserved two berths in the train.

Birth (to bear ) : She did not know the place of her birth.


22. Bridal (relating to marriage) : She wore her bridal ring.

Bridle (rope to control an animal) : The rider took the bridle of the horse in his hand.


23. Beat (to give beating ) : Do not beat the poor animal.

Beet (a vegetable) : Beet is a vegetable and is used as food.


24. Brake (to stop a vehicle) : He applied brakes to stop the car.

Break (split into pieces) : The boy could not break the log of wood.


25. Beside (on the side ,near) : She sat beside her husband.

Besides (In addition to) : Besides students their parents also attended the meeting.


26. Cite ( to refer) : He cited several references from the original text.

Site ( a place ) : The boss selected a new site for the office building.

Sight (view) : The site presented a horrible sight.


27. Confident (sure) : He is confident of his selection.

Confidant (a person of trust) : He is a great confidant of his boss.


28. Cast (to shed) : Cast off your old clothes.

Caste ( social group ) : He is a Brahman by caste.


29. Childish ( Immature & Irresponsible ) : Nobody likes his childish habits.

Child-like ( Innocent) : I like his childlike simplicity.


30. Canvas ( a material ) : He is carrying a canvas bag.

Canvass ( campaign for votes etc.) : During last elections, we all canvassed in his favour.


31.Council ( committee) : The Privy council is in session today.

Counsel ( Advice ) : He did not accept my counsel.


32.Complement ( to go together) : some verbs require a complement to complete sense.

Compliment ( To pay respects ) : Please pay my compliments to your father.


33.Course ( syllabus, route ) : The students have finished their course.

Coarse ( uncouth ) : His dress is made of coarse cloth.


34.Cloth ( UnStitched cloth ) : His father deals in cloth.

Clothes ( Stitched clothes ) : The child’s clothes are very dirty.


35.Conscious ( To be aware of ) : He is conscious of his weaknesses.

Conscientious ( Honest ) : He is a conscientious worker.


36.Credible ( believable ) : His version is not credible.

Creditable ( Praiseworthy ) : His son has made a creditable achievement.



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