List of Words Misused : Alphabet D

List of Words Misused in English ..... continued

37. Drought (Dry Weather) : This year crops failed due to drought.

Draught (Quantity of liquid drunk once) : He took the medicine with a draught of water.



38. Dose (Quantity of medicine taken at one time) : Take one dose of  this medicine every day.

Doze (Nap) : He was dozing while sitting in the meeting.



39. Disease (illness) : He is suffering from a serious disease.

Decease (Death) : His sudden decease is shocking for all of us.



40. Dearness (Price Rise) : The Government employees are paid dearness allowance.

Dearth (Shortage) : There is no dearth of talented persons in India.



41. Dew ( moisture in air in condensed form) : There were dew drops on grass leaves.

Due (something owing) : There is nothing due towards him. He has paid his all dues.



42. Diary ( Daily record of events) : He recorded all the names in his diary.

Dairy ( Place where milk etc. is sold) : I purchased milk from dairy.



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