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Pick out the sentence out of the followings with wrong use of the same (italicized)  word used in these sentences.

  1. The child fell down head along from the tree.
  1. Both the parties were heading towards a collision against each other.
  1. Ahead of festival season , prices of essential goods are  likely to rise.
  1. He was appointed head of the institution.
  1. Our party is headed by a  very seasoned leader.
  1. He tried to hit at the head of the nail but missed it.
  1. This meeting was attended by the heads of all the departments.
  1. The farmer  purchased ten head of cattle.
  1. During discussion his brother went off his head. (to go irrational)
  1. If he refuses to cooperate I shall go over his head and speak to his boss. (to bypass someone & complain to the senior)
  1. He fell head over heels in love with her.
  1. His name appeared at the head of the list of successful candidates.
  1. The procession was heading towards the residence of the leader.


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Answer : All the sentences are correct.



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