Pick out the sentence out of the followings with wrong use of the same (italicized) word used in these sentences.

  1. The villagers sunk a well in the village.
  1. He did not go to office as he is not feeling well today.
  1. His plans will not work well here.
  1. The villagers purified the well water with a chemical.
  1. Our boss is a  well of  information.
  1. Her mother was so emotional that tears welled up in her eyes.
  1. The fountain welled a steam of clear water  into the basin below.
  1. Fear of being insecure welled up inside her.
  1. Her daughter not being well could not fare well in the examination.
  1. The proceedings of the meeting went very well.
  1. Does one need to be very rich to live well?
  1. The host treated all the guests very well.
  1. Both mother and baby are doing well now.
  1. I was  well prepared for the examination.
  1. His speech was well prepared.
  1. He teased her and she did not take it well.
  1. John as well as Smith has gone to the market.
  1. It would be as well to consult some other doctor also before you get treatment in this hospital.
  1. If he wants to accompany us, well and good, but he will have to share the money.
  1. The teacher shouted from his seat, “Well done , Boys!”.
  1. The doctor said to the patient,”Get well soon.”



Answer : All the sentences are correct.


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