Vocabulary |Some of Sentences with idiomatic Verbs & Phrases



1. My advice fell on deaf ears.

2. He acts on my advice.

3. I do not agree with you.

4. She agrees to my proposal.

5.  Thieves broke into the house.

6. We broke open the box.

7. The meeting broke up at 7 p.m.

8. The coach-man is breaking in the horse.

9. How was peace brought about?

10. Trees bring forth new leaves in spring.

11. Mothers bring up children.

12. Bring him to book.

13. I shall try to bring him around.

14. How did he come by the treasure?

15. How did it come to pass?

16. He has come of age.

17. I came across a friend of mine.

18. His marriage comes off on Monday.

19. I called upon him yesterday.

20. He called at my house twice.

21. Let me call this to mind.

22. Call the manager to account.

23. The examinations are drawing near.

24. Draw up the report.

25. Draw back please.

26. Draw lots

27. Beware of pickpockets.

28. Their plans fell through for want of money.

29. Keep up the tradition of your family.

30. Do not keep back any thing from me.

31. Do not keep away.

32.Look after the children.

33. The crow looked for water.

34. Look about you.

35. He looks up to you for help.

36. Look over the papers.

37. Look up this word in the dictionary.

38. Lay it aside.

39. Lay by some thing for rainy day.

40. Lay out a garden here.

41. Lay down arms.

42. Let him alone.

43. He lives by hard labour.

44. The child lives on milk.

45. My advice fell flat on him.

46. The money falls short of our needs.

47.Boys fell out with one another.

48. Friends fall off in adversity.

49. Fall in,  please.  ( to stand in a queue).

50. He fell in love with a beautiful girl.

51. I get up at five daily.

52. The fox could not get at the grapes.

53. Get off the horses.

54. The police has got the wind of the plot.

55.  He gave in at last.

56. All of sudden the bridge gave way. 

57. He gave out the secret.

58. Hand over the bag to him.

59. Hand hundred rupees on to the next person.

60. Keep up with him.

61. Live within your means.

62. Do not live beyond your means.

63. The robber made away with the merchant.

64. He has made  up his deficiency.

65. Make over this box to him.

66. The thief made off with my purse.

67. The thief made for the gate.

68. Make out the meaning of this sentence.

69. He passes for an honest man.

70. A young lady passed by me.

71. We passed through the crowd hurriedly.

72. The old man passed away yesterday.

73. Do not put me off.

74 Put on new clothes.

75. Put out the fire.

76. I put up with my friend at Simla.

77. Who can put up with this insult?

78. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

79. The government put down the rebellion.

80. Put up something for the rainy day.

81. The car ran over a child.

82. The petrol in the car is running out.

83. Run through the papers.

84. We are running short of money.

85. Who ran away with the child?

86. Do not stand on ceremony.

87. I shall stand by you.

88. This stands to reason.

89. Strike at his head.

90. Strike off his name.

91. Strike a match.

92. Labourers have struck work.

93. Set it  aside.

94. He set out on a journey.

95. Set the watch.

96. He set up a new factory.

97. Winter has set in.

98. Set about your work.

99. The doctor has set the bone.

100. She takes after her mother.

101. I took him for a thief.

102. Take off your shoes.

103. Take down what I say.

104. I was taken aback at his remarks.

105. Do not take airs.

106. He takes pains in his work.

107. The enemy was taken aback and fled.

108. Turn up in time, please.

109. Turn off the tap, please.

110. Hard work has told upon his health.





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