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Pick out the sentence out of the followings with wrong use of the same (italicized)  word used in these sentences.

  1. Make haste lest you should miss  the bus.
  1. I do not know of which make this watch is.
  1. Practice does make a man perfect.
  1. The teacher advised the students that two and two make four.
  1. These days many plastic goods are made out of recyclable material.
  1. The departing boss made an emotional speech in his farewell party.
  1. All the politicians make false commitments during election days.
  1. She made a circular sign with her hands but I could not make out of it.
  1. He requested me to make room for some more persons on the bench.
  1. His arrogant behavior made him lose his reputation in the office.
  1. We made him realize his folly in this episode.
  1. They discussed the issue at length but could not make any decision.
  1. What  made you think that you were in a  losing position?





Answer:  All the sentences are correct.



Something to ponder over :








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