Exercise – Use of idioms | idiomatic phrases

Exercise 1
Choose  the correct meaning of the following idioms//idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives:

A. Kith and Kin.

  1. Famous persons 2.A deceiver 3. Near and dear 4.Strong followers

B. Maiden Speech.

  1. A speech made by a maid  2. A speech for a lady. 3. A speech poor in quality 4. A speech made for  first time by a person.

C. Spick  and span.

  1. Tools of a workman 2. Weak and thin 3.Immaculate 4.Not worth any use.

D.Nook and Corner.

1.At a distant place 2. Not up to the mark 3. Everywhere 4.A useless thing.

E.Bag and Baggage.

1.All the  belongings 2. Under cover of 3. Make heavy purchases  4. To make arrangements


Answers Exercise No. 1 :    A.3.   B.4.   C.3.    D.3.   E.1.


Exercise 2
Choose  the correct meaning of the following idioms/idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives:

A. Man of straw.

  1. A good business man 2. A weak person  3.A haughty person 4. Useless fellow.

B .Cock and Bull story.

  1. A story about animals 2. A concocted story 3. A detailed information 4. Unwanted details

C.Pros and Cons.

  1. Beginning and End of a story. 2. Likes and dislikes of a person
  2. Uses and Abuses.                      4. Dawn and Dusk.

D. Null and void.

  1. Useless    2. Invalid           3. Undue favour to someone.     4. Not applicable.

E. A Man of letters.

  1. A Postman       2. A man with  good handwriting      3. A famous person with qualities of head and heart 4. A rich person.


Answers Exercise No. 2 : A.4.  B.2.   C.3.   D.2.   E.3.


Exercise 3
Out of four alternatives given for idioms/phrases underlined in the following sentences, choose one which expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

  1. After demise of his father, he made ducks and drakes of his father’s money.A. Took non vegetarian food.                     B. Kept birds at his place.C. Borrowed money from others.               D. Squandered money.


  1. All the non performing employees of the office were given marching orders by the new boss.A. Applauded       B. Sent for training        C. Punished         D. Dismissed.


  1. All the attempts made by police to nab the culprits  appeared like a wild goose chase.
    A. Full hearted attempt.               B. A useless effort              C.A strong desire               D. An easy job.
  1. My friend John is a man of his word.
    A. A good orator              B.   A famous poet.               C.  A man who always fulfills what he promises             D. A hypocrite.
  1. The two friends buried the hatchet and started working together.
    A. Started a new business    B.travelled by boat         C. Stopped fighting and became friends.      D. Shunned laziness.


Answers Exercise No. 3 :    1.D      2.D      3.B     4.C      5.C.




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