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The word ‘Look’ means ‘to see’.

There are certain other words which too mean ‘to see’ but in different  sense. All the words appear similar in their meaning but are not the same. Following sentences will explain their meanings.

  • Students were looking at the blackboard.
  • I requested him to see that picture.
  • She is watching television.
  • Boys have gone to witness cricket match.
  • Mother glanced at her child.
  • The judge stared at the accused.
  • The child was gazing at the toys.
  • The farmer peeped into the well.
  • The participants set their eyes at the trophy.
  • I asked him to go through those papers.
  • The shopkeeper glared at the purse of the customer.
  • He ogled at all the articles lying on the ground.
  • The merchant eyed at the money offered to him.
  • Soon the deer was not in sight of the hunter.


All the words in italics have similar meaning ‘to see’ but their meanings in different sentences are different. These words are required to be used in  sentences carefully.





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