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Hard and Hardly

  • Hard means not soft or short of.
  1. This table is made  of hard wood.
  2. He is a bit hard of hearing.


  • Hardly means not.
  1. He hardly works.
  2. Hardly also means scarcely or with difficulty.
  3. He could hardly walk a  few meters.



Hung & Hanged

In general use the word ‘Hung’ is used.

  • She hung a picture on the wall.

Hanged means ‘executed’

  • The culprit was hanged to death.



Imply & Infer

Imply’ and ‘Infer’ are two different words and have their different meanings.

  • Imply’ is used as a verb and its noun is ‘implication’.
  • Infer’ is also used as a verb and its noun is ‘inference’.
  • Imply means to say something which is by implication of an action or thing.
  • Imply means that there is already something and by its implication or on the basis of this, it is being said like this, which implies.

Infer means to draw a conclusion or to guess something which has not been explained or understood.

Infer tries to explain what has not been explained earlier. One draws a conclusion from something which has not been said earlier.

From his actions it is implied that he is consented to our proposal.

I infer that he  has cheated you in this bargain.




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