In Past Tense work has already been done during some earlier period.
For this we use second form of verb.

For Example :

  • He went to Delhi yesterday.
  • Boys played a football match last Sunday.
  • I took my food in the morning.
  • You gave me a good suggestion.



In this Tense work has been completed in the previous time. It is over now.
For this, second form of verb is used for all the persons.

For example :

  • Girls sang a song yesterday.
  • I lived in this house in 1980.
  • He appeared in the examination last year.
  • You showed me your office.

Negative Sentences

In Negative sentences ‘did not’ with first form of verb is used.

Here it is pertinent to note that with ‘did not’ first and not second form is used.

For Example:

  • John did not go to school yesterday.
  • Boys did not play a match.
  • I did not like his habits.
  • You did not take your examination.

Interrogative Sentences

In these sentences ‘Did’ is used before Subject. First form of verb is used.

For Example:

  • Did you ring him up?
  • Did she tell you anything?
  • Did boys fare well in the examination?
  • Did we say anything wrong to him?




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