Paragraph–Rearrangement of Jumbled Sentences to make a Meaningful Paragraph

Paragraph –Exercise Based on Questions of Previous years’ Examinations.

Rearrangement of Jumbled Sentences to make a Meaningful Paragraph –

Important Points to note :

1. Generally there is a central point,idea, thought or some personality description on which a paragraph is written. Try to locate the sentence which contains such matter. Mostly such a sentence forms the first or the last sentence of the paragraph.

2. There are two methods to describe the central idea.

First in the opening sentence a central point is mentioned. Thereafter, the sentences following that give logical description or details of that and to elaborate the same  some examples are given.

In second method some facts are given in the opening sentences of the paragraph and their result is given in the concluding lines. Try to find out the sentence containing the central idea and arrange the remaining sentences accordingly.

3. Sentences containing proper nouns i.e. names of persons,places or buildings etc or abstract nouns like qualities i.e. goodness or beauty etc come in the opening line or in the few starting lines of the paragraph.

4. Sentences containing pronouns like he,his, him, she,her, they,their, them or first or last part of a name come in subsequent part of the paragraph.

5. Pronouns like it, this that, these or those show that these mention about the topic already detailed in the sentences preceding them. So these sentences generally do not form the first line of the paragraph.

6. Sentences containing words like therefore, but, and, accordingly, or resultantly etc.come in the central part of the paragraph. The first sentence of the paragraph may contain introductory details of something and the last line of the paragraph contains conclusions of some logical details given in it.

7. Sometimes words like initially, eventually,finally,hence,ensuing,proceeding, following or mentioned below or above in the sentence also indicate the location of that particular sentence in the paragraph.

8. In some paragraphs there are sentences giving statements in favour of or against  an argument. Try to sort out and arrange sentences of both types separately. This helps in framing the paragraph.

Initially, it may not be so easy as stated, but a little practice makes it  very easy.


Action required for this is as follows:

-Make a thorough reading of all the sentences and if required more than once to understand between the lines.

-Try to make out the meaning of the sentences.

– Find out sets as per possible  links between different sentences.

– Finally arrange the sentences according to the best set out of these.

– Answer the questions asked relating to the paragraph.





Arrange the sentences A,  B, C,D and E to form a logical sequence & to construct a coherent paragraph.


A.  Whatever the reasons may be, the effects are disastrous leading to both physical and mental ailments like insomnia, hypertension and nervous breakdown etc.

B.   According to psychologists it is the result of fear due to  inexperience, deprivation, isolation and feeling of inferiority among them.

C.  It is a matter of  grave concern that ‘stress’ or ‘mental pressure’ has emerged as a  deadly and silent killer for teenagers of the day.

D.  In order to prevent these catastrophic diseases, children need to be taught to ‘de-stress themselves’ through meditation or cultural activities and this will inculcate feelings of  self confidence in them and inspire them to  face the realities of life in a  better way.

E.   If they are observed closely, this all owes to undue pressure on their mind due to unhealthy competitions and sky rocketing expectations of their parents and teachers from them.

(Answer:  CBEAD )




Arrange the sentences A,  B, C,D and E to form a logical sequence & to construct a coherent paragraph.


A. So basically, we should  communicate when the time is right, to the right recipient, sending the right message using the right channel with utmost care because ultimately the success of our message depends on the result we achieve after the communication.

B. Nowadays,workforce is mostly multicultural, i.e. teams have players with different cultural backgrounds and this makes the scenario all the more difficult for selection of communication channels and contents.

C. Experts suggest that humour should be strictly avoided because it is like a perfume and you never know when and who it will hurt.  But one should be cautious that the image is not damaged even if our recipients do not get our humour.

D.  Globalization and liberalization of economy has created another challenge for professionals besides those inherent in the phenomenon of communication to  decide when to communicate,what to communicate and who to communicate.

E. Communication etiquette differs from culture to culture  and therefore in order to make our communication effective, we will have to understand the cultural background of our recipients and be sensitive to that.



(Answer : DBECA)


Exercise No. 3.

Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a way so as to make a meaningful paragraph. Mention the alphabets marked against each sentence in order as answer.   

A. But sometimes, the persons of opposite nature also come closer fall in each other’s company by accident,chance or out of ignorance vitiating the above statement to some extent.

B. If a man moves in the  company of good, gentle and noble people, he is usually adjudged to be a gentleman.

C. It is usual for a man to see company of those who possess tastes, tendencies and temperaments like his own.

D.On the other side, if he keeps company with evil persons and bad characters, he is considered to  be a man of bad character.

E.Generally, the character and conduct of a person  is gauged by the kinds of people he mixes and moves with.

(Answer:   EBDCA)


Exercise No. 4

Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a way so as to make a meaningful paragraph. Mention the alphabets marked against each sentence in order as answer.   

A. With the passage of  time, vices become more apparent and virtues become objects of  jealousy and envy, thereby causing contempt and hatred in the hearts of each  other.

B. They become familiar with not only strengths but also weaknesses of each other’s characters.

C. Generally people think that familiarity should breed love, mutual understanding and tolerance.

D. They expect that coming together of two persons should bring them closer and forge the bond of kinship between them. 
E. But when two persons come closer, they come to know not only strengths but also weaknesses of each other’s character. 

(Answer : CDEBA)




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