Oracle MuShop : A cloud-native reference app for Oracle Cloud

Oracle MuShop is a sample application developed by Oracle in order to demonstrate a cloud native approach of microservices delivered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The app implements an e-commerce site for cat products built as a set of Microservices.

Below is a view of the holistic application architecture and services.

Oracle MuShop | Oracle Cloud MicroServices

Below are the Resources to learn a cloud native approach of microservices delivered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure :

  • Video Demo: Using Oracle Functions and API Gateway for Cloud Native Apps

OCI Components used for demo Oracle MuShop Application

BucketBucketObject StorageOracle Cloud InfrastructureInternet scale storage for product media assets
ATP DatabaseATP DatabaseOracle ATPOracle Cloud InfrastructureData persistence, separated by service
StreamStreamStreamingOracle Cloud InfrastructureApplication level event records
API GatewayAPI GatewayAPI GatewayOracle Cloud InfrastructureApplication API gateway
SubscribeSubscribeFunctionOracle Cloud InfrastructureNewsletter subscription serverless function
EmailEmailEmail DeliveryOracle Cloud InfrastructureManaged email delivery SMTP configuration
DNSDNSDNSNetworkingManaged DNS Zone
WAFWAFWeb Application FirewallNetworkingOWASP, DDoS, and access control management
LBLBLoad BalancerNetworkingPublic application load balancer
IngressIngressNginxOracle Container EngineKubernetes nginx ingress controller
RouterRouterTraefikOracle Container EngineApplication level routing for exposed services
StorefrontStorefrontHTML5Oracle Container EngineResponsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript client
REST APIREST APINode.jsOracle Container EngineSession management and service gateway
MediaMediaNode.jsOracle Container EngineProduct media source, intgrating with Object Storage
TrackingTrackingGoOracle Container EngineStreaming message producer for application level events
Session DBSession DBRedisOracle Container EngineClient session management
CatalogCatalogGoOracle Container EngineProduct catalog services
CartsCartsHelidonOracle Container EngineShopping cart services
OrdersOrdersJavaOracle Container EngineOrder management services
FulfillmentFulfillmentMicronautOracle Container EngineOrder fulfillment/processing service
PaymentPaymentGoOracle Container EngineCheckout payment verification
UsersUsersTypeScript/Node.jsOracle Container EngineCustomer profile services
NATSNATSNATSOracle Container EngineCloud native messaging service

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