List of words misused : Alphabet A

Below mentioned is a list of words which are often confused and are misused in forming sentences.

It is not exhaustive but a list of a few words explained and used in sentences in a simple way with a view to bring home the difference in words. Thereafter the same can be tried in exercises that follow.

1. Ail ( Sick) : The old man ails from a serious disease.

Ale ( Wine) : Taking ale is not good for health.


2. Alter ( To change) : They altered the date of meeting.

Altar ( Place of worship) : He offered flowers at the altar of the goddess.


3. Advise ( To counsel,Verb) : Doctor advised him to take rest.

Advice ( Counsel, Noun) : His father gave him a piece of advice.


4. Assent ( To agree) : The cabinet has given its assent to the bill.

Ascent ( Upward movement) : The assent up the hill is very steep.


5. Affect ( To feign) : The child affected tiredness.
Effect ( To show result) : Hard work has shown effect on his health.


6. Accident ( Mishap) : He met with an accident.

Incident ( Happening) : This is a memorable incident in my life.


7. Assure ( To promise) : He assured me of his all help to me.

Insure ( To cover under insurance) : He insured his property against theft.


8. Amiable (cordial) : His manners are amiable.

Amicable (friendly) : The dispute ended with a amicable settlement between them.


9. Allow (To give consent) :The Principal allowed me to take examination.

Permit (To instruct) : Permit me to take your leave now.


10. Access (Approach) : He has no access to the official.

Excess (Surplus) : Excess of everything is bad.


11. Adopt (acquire) : The couple adopted an orphan child.

Adapt ( adjust, Familiarize) : She is trying to adapt herself to the new atmosphere.

Adept (able, skilled) : He is adept in the art of shooting.


12. Allusion (Indirect hint) : The official gave an allusion to involvement of some staff member in the scam.

Illusion (false impression) : The child under an illusion tries to catch image of moon in water.


13. Antique ( old,traditional) : He is fond of collecting antique items.

Antic (silly or amusing behavior) : His father felt ashamed at his antic gestures.


14. Aught (anything) : Has he to say aught against her?

Ought (should) : We ought to respect our elders.


15. Alternate (Vary,Every other) : I visit his house on alternate days.

Alternative (substitute) : He put forth an alternative to my proposal.


16. Aspire (desire) : He aspires to rise in his life.

Expire (end) : His leave expired on Sunday last.


17. Abstain (desist) : The doctor advised him to abstain from food for two days.

Refrain (avoid doing): Father advised his son to refrain from falling in bad company.



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