Integromat Tookan Jungleworks Integration via IdAnalyzer

Technical steps for an Integromat Tookan Automation Scenario where we create an Agent in Tookan after verifying the Identity via IdAnalyzer:

  • Step 1 : Collect the employees/Agent details via any form [ shown below ] and save the details into a google sheet details include name, phone number, age, address, email etc
  • Create scenario in Integromat and select google sheet as a trigger module and select operation Watch Records.
    • Select a google sheet Module and create connection for google sheet to select the sheet
    • Send these details to IDAnalyzer for verification once it is verified
    • Get the verifications details back into Integromat via webhook from IdAnalyzer.
  • Next Step 3, Select HTTP Module to call the IDAnayzer REST API
Integromat Tookan Integration
Integromat Tookan Integration
  • Save the response into the Google sheet, using Google Sheet module.
  • Sample Request / Response for Tookan API

“transport_desc”:”MG hector-Demo”,

If the request was successful then you will get 200 OK HTTP response with body

“message”: “Successful”,
“status”: 200,
“data”: {}

Happy Automating !!!

About Tookan – Tookan Jungleworks is Delivery Management Software for Enterprises. Tookan empowers enterprises to win in this customer-centric era with optimized routes, automation, real-time tracking and efficient movement of goods for both B2C and B2B segments.

About IDANALYZER : IDENTITY VERIFICATION WEB API – The ID Analyzer platform provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with a truly global identity verification solution that works across borders. ID scan technology to extract and verify data from global ID documents including passport, driver license and identification card, verify remote user age and identity with our digital onboarding solutions.

About Integromat Integromat is a powerful integration platform that allows you to visualize, design and automate your work in minutes. Focus on your business fundamentals, and let automation take care of the rest. You can create your customized scenario with Integromat. Automate repetitive tasks involved in using applications like WordPress, Shopify, Google Forms, Google Sheets etc and make your work easier.

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