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About Integromat :

Integromat provide opportunities to enterprise businesses to Integrate Tookan App to 750+ others apps via Integromat. It is available for SMB business and also available as Enterprise Cloud Service

Tookan integration module is available in Integromat with extended functionalities.

Integromat is an iPaas platform which provides strong integration capabilities with Tookan, Yelo and Marketplace offerings from Jungleworks.

IPaaS Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between apps without effort so you can focus on growing your business. 

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About Tookan:

Tookan is a Delivery Management Software for Enterprises offered by  You can perform On-Field Workforce Management and Agents Tracking via Tookan software. It is a cloud based solution and you can access from anywhere over internet.

Business can manage all your delivery operations from one platform to enhance efficiency, boost sales and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale

Integromat Tookan

Tookan empowers enterprises to win in this customer-centric era with optimized routes, automation, real-time tracking and efficient movement of goods for both B2C and B2B segments.

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Below are the Tookan application data fields that can be managed, automated & integrated to 3rd party applications via Integromat:

  • Task – You can Create, Edit, Delete Task in Tookan. Task can also be edited, updated and status of the tasks can also be updated via Integromat. Also on a completion of task, we can create a Sales receipt in Quickbook.
  • Agent – You can get details of all the agents in Integromat and sync the information to any 3rd party system (like HR, Workday, PeopleSoft ) to provide benefits to the employees/agents. Agent information can also be edited, updated via Integromat. Most of the operations which you can do from the Tookan App, most of those can be automated via Integromat too.
  • Team – Create, Update, Delete Team. You can get all Team details along with Job and agent Details via Integromat
  • Manager – Create Manager, Delete Manage. You can get all Manager details from Tookan into Integromat and sync that information to google sheets or any other 3rd party system.
  • Customers – Integromat can get customer details from tookan and sync that information with other systems. You can also add a new customer, Edit an existing customer or delete a customer in tookan by automating via scenario in Integromat. Integromat custom integration scenario can also build to search a customer using his/her phone number or name.
  • User – Phone number, password and email of a User can be updated via Integromat.
  • Merchant – Integromat Integration scenario is capable of Creating a new Merchant, Viewing & Editing an existing Merchant in Integromat.
  • Geofence – Geofence region of Tookan application can be added, edited and deleted via Integromat. You can also build an automation integration scenario in Integromat to remove region for agents too.
  • Mission – Create Mission Task, Mission List and Delete list

Integromat Tookan Business Usecase:

In the previous blog we have seen how to integrate with id analyzer with Integromat and that was the usecase which can be used for a On-Field Workforce Management and verification.

So a continuation to that will explain how to integrate Tookan with Integromat. Tookan will be used to maintain / track the delivery via agents. We can sync Agents information to another application and can manage the delivery and pickup tasks assigned to an agent.

Integromat Integration Scenarios: We can use Integromat to integrate with Tookan via API’s / HTTP Module / Integromat Tookan Module and validate the ID’s of a agent via ID Analyzer.

Benefits of Integromat Integration Scenario: Cost Savings achieved via smoothen onboarding of employee’s and Shorten ID verifications lifecycle of an employee to few seconds.

Jungleworks Tookan Agent Identity verifications End to End Integration Scenario / New Employee or Agent onboarding to Tookan app:

  • Maintain New Employee data : New Employees for which we need to perform ID validations maintained in a Google Sheet. You can also use Airtable / Ninox DB / Mysql Database etc to capture the same details.
  • Verifiy the Identify of New Employee : Call Docupass ID Analyzer API via HTTP Module of Integromat for verification. Refer article.
  • Create New Agent in Tookan: Once Verifications documents are submitted by onboarding employee, We can call Tookan API to create Agent in Tookan.

Now Integromat Tookan Module is also available in Integromat.

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