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Given here under is a list of  meanings of words often used. It is illustrative and not exhaustive. A word usually has more than one meaning. It is generally according to the use of the word in a sentence. Some of the implied meanings have been given in the list. However in case of any doubt candidates are requested to refer to some authentic dictionary.

(In examination a word with three or four options of its meaning is  given. Candidates are required  to choose the correct option.This list is based on the questions of examinations of previous years)

(Alphabets – C)

WORD                  MEANINGS

  • Cache———accumulation,collection,reserve.
  • Cadaverous——- thin, gaunt, ghastly.
  • Cajole—————- coax, flatter, entice.
  • Calumny————Slander, defamation, misrepresentation.
  • Callous————cruel, heartless, uncaring.
  • camaraderie—friendship, Amity, company.
  • Camouflage———-disguise, conceal, hide, obscures .
  • Canaille——————low class people, the common people, the masses
  • Candid———— frank, straight, open, honest.
  • Cantabile—smooth flow.
  • Capacious————Large, big, huge, spacious.
  • Caprice——-Whim, fancy, notion.
  • Capricious——— Impulsive, fickle, unpredictable
  • Caricature—comic exaggeration, travesty, distortion.
  • Carcass——–corpse, skeleton, remains.
  • Carousal——Noisy party.
  • Cascade—–flow, pour, gush.
  • Catastrophe—–disaster,misfortune,calamity.
  • Caveat——-warning, caution. admonition.
  • Celestial——Divine. Outer space, extraterrestrial.
  • Chattel—–Personal property like furniture.
  • Chemise—–Shirt, top, blouse.
  • Chimera—–fantasy, imagination, daydreaming.
  • Chimerical———imaginary,unrealistic.
  •  Chisel—–Carve, shape, mold, fashion.
  • Circumambulate——evade, circumvent.
  • Circumspect——– Judicious, Vigilant, Cautious.
  • Clandestine——– secret, covert, concealed
  • Clairvoyant————psychic, mystic, divine.
  • Coagulate———–clot, thicken, set.
  • Coerce———–force, intimidate, persuade.
  • Cohesion———-consistency,unity,solidarity.
  • Concierge——– caretaker, keeper.
  • Concord———–harmony, unity, peace, agreement.
  • Confluence——–Convergence, Union, meeting together.
  • Conglomerate——-company, business, firm.
  • Conjure———invoke, summon, perform tricks.
  • Construe———–interpret, understand, to mean.
  • Contentious——–Controversial, debatable, arguable.
  • Copious————–abundant, plentiful, profuse.
  • Cryptic————- obscure, mysterious, enigmatic, secret.
  • Crystalline——– clear, of definite shape, of crystal.
  • Cuisine———-cooking, cookery, food.
  • Cuckold———-husband of unfaithful wife.
  • Cygnet————-a young swan.
  • Contrition———-remorse, regret, apology.
  • Credence——confidence, credibility, belief.
  • Culinary———–cookery, cooking.
  • Cynosure———attraction, admiration, guidance.








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