How to whitelist connections from Integromat domain and IP address ?

Before we start learning how to make secure connections from Integromat to Mysql Database server. Let’s understand why it is needed.

We need our network layers which are interacting with each other to be more secure so that below benefits can be achieved, which helps organization to secure their networks:

  • Builds trust 

  • Mitigates risk

  • Protects proprietary information

  • Enhanced Application security

So one of the way to secure the connections to your network is only to allow traffic to your application only from the trusted public IP address.


Allowing connections from Integromat.

Integromat makes connections from the following IP range:

  • -

Integromat servers are set up with valid PTR records so you can easily restrict access by allowing

Updated details are available at :

Steps to whitelist connections from Integromat to Mysql Database server using cPanel.

  • Your Mysql Database can be available via Godaddy or Bigrock or Hostgator service providers where your hosting is available.
  • Login into your cPanel
  • Search “Remote MySql” in search bar on cPanel as shown below
  • Navigate to “Add Access Host” and add an entry to >> Host (% wildcard is allowed) >>>>
  • Click on “Add Host” button. It will save the value in your cPanel and Remote MySql Connections.
  • Test your connection from Integromat.

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