How to whitelist connections from Integromat domain and IP address ?

Allowing connections from Integromat.

Integromat makes connections from the following IP range: - Our servers are set up with valid PTR records so you can easily restrict access by allowing

Updated details are available at :

Steps to whitelist connections from Integromat to Mysql Database server.

  • Your Mysql Database can be available via Godaddy or Bigrock or Hostgator service providers where your hosting is available.
  • Login into your cPanel
  • Search “Remote MySql” in search bar on cPanel as shown below
  • Navigate to “Add Access Host” and add an entry to >> Host (% wildcard is allowed) >>>>
  • Click on “Add Host” button. It will save the value in your cPanel and Remote MySql Connections.
  • Test your connection from Integromat.

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