How to Rename Google Spreadsheet ?

Let’s get started with Google Spreadsheet tutorial !!!

You can change the name of Google Spreadsheet, by following below steps:

  • Rename the Sheet – Click on “Untitled Spreadsheet” and add name as “Sample Contact-Form sheet v1”.

Note : “Sample Contact-Form sheet v1” is an example, but you can save the sheet with whatever name you would like to.

How to Rename GoogleSheet

  • Google Spreadsheet will be saved with name –“Sample Contact-Form sheet v1”.
  • Click on Google Spreadsheet button to return to Home screen of Google Spreadsheet.

How to navigate to Home Screen - Google Spreadsheet

  • You will find your Spread sheet available on your Google Drive.

Google Spreadsheet saved to Google Drive

Also, you can Rename a worksheet: By clicking twice on the name of a worksheet.

Happy Learning – Google Excel sheet / Google Spreadsheet !!!


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