How to Provision Oracle Integration Cloud OIC instance ?

Oracle Integration Cloud – OIC Tutorial !!!

Steps To Provision Oracle Integration Cloud OIC instance in Oracle Cloud, please follow the below steps :

  • Login into Oracle Cloud Account
  • Go to Oracle Cloud Home page


  • Click on Left panel – Navigation Menu
  • Select “Application Integration” section under Category – “Solutions and Platform”, Since Oracle Integration Cloud is an iPaas offering from ORACLE.
    • “Solutions and Platform” >>> “Application Integration”  >>> “Integration”
  • Click on “Integration” under Sub Category – “Application Integration”.

Navigate to Oracle Integration Cloud

  • You will be able to see all the Integration Instances provisioned till date for Oracle Cloud Account.
    • There might be different instances for OIC based on an enterprise requirements for
      • Development,
      • Testing and
      • Production.

Oracle OIC create instance

  • While creating a NEW OIC Instances, we should consider 2 important things:
    • Data Center – Within which we are about to create an Instance.
      • You can check that from Top right side on your screen.
    • Compartment – under which your Instance will be provisioned.
      • Left side Menu bar – will have the compartments – list under root.

For our example – we are creating OIC instance in US EAST (Ashburn) data center and using root compartment only.

  • Select the correct compartment – in our case root (oicpoc).

oicpoc (root) Compartment

  • Oracle cloud will update the statement, based on compartment you are selecting, while creating an instance.

Example: Integration Instances in oicpoc (root) Compartment

Oracle OIC create instance


OICinstance provisioning data center

    • Specify Name of the Instance :
      • Example : OICLessons24x7DemoInstance
    • Edition :
      • STANDARD  [ Select this option , if you are using Oracle Free Tier Oracle Cloud version. ]
    • License Type :
      • Subscribe to a New Oracle Integration License
    • Message Packs :
      • 1  [ Select this option , if you are using Oracle Free Tier Oracle Cloud version, as it will be sufficient for practice & learning ]
      • For Enterprises, you should know the load / Number of Transactions  for Number of integrations to be created in OIC and select the Message pack accordingly.
    • Tags [ Optional ]
      • Helpful for tracking Instance with name which is easy to remember like alias name.

Create Oracle OIC Instance Standard

  • Once you click on “Create” Button,  it will be in Creating state.


  • You can check the OIC Instance creation Progress, after creating on Instance name, as shown below:


  • You can check the Progress Log or Error Log Messages for the creation of Instance.

Details Oracle OIC instance logs

  • Once Instance is created Successfully, you will see the Completion of Operation “Create Integration Instance” as Succeeded with 100% completion.

Status worker request oracle oic

Happy Learning Oracle Integration Cloud !!!


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