How to integrate IDAnalyzer via Integromat

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Usecase: Businesses and governments all over the world rely on identification documents for ID verifications. Businesses have a requirement to verify the Official Identifications digitally for their employees before hiring the person.

Benefits of Integromat Integration Scenario: Cost Savings achieved via smoothen onboarding of employee’s and Shorten ID verifications lifecycle of an employee to few seconds.

About ID Analyzer: ID Analyzer has ID scan technology to extract and verify data from global ID documents including passport, driver license and identification card, verify remote user age and identity with digital onboarding solutions.

Integromat IDAnalyzer Integration

IDAnalyzer is Identity verification SaaS API to verify worldwide passport, driver license and identification cards. Autonomous OCR, fake ID check and biometric verification using our identity verification API.

Integromat Automation Tool: We can use Integromat to integrate with IDAnalyzer via API’s / HTTP Module and validate the ID of a person

Example Systems which can use this Usecase:

  • Jungleworks Tookan Agent Identity verifications
  • HR systems where Employee details needs to be verified.
  • Government Organizations which need ID verification process for the citizens who want to register themselves for a specific government program.

Integromat Automation Scenario: The following Integration Scenario demonstrate how can we integrate with IDAnalyzer via integromat:

IDAnalyzer Integromat Integrations
  • End to End Integration Scenario:
    • New Employees for which we need to perform ID validations maintained in a Google Sheet. You can also use Airtable /Ninox DB / Mysql Database etc to capture the same details.
    • Call Docupass ID Analyzer API via HTTP Module of Integromat
    • Once Docupass is created for a specific Verification. You will get asynchronous response from API call / HTTP Module.
    • Verify the response and extract the details for Docupass url, qrcode, base_url, html etc from the response.
    • Save the Docupass details to the google sheet against the record / person for which Docupass is created in the system.
    • You can share these Docupass URL from IDAnalyzer via 3rd party sms api or use sms_verification_link [Paid Feature of IDAnalyzer] to send the sms directly from IDAnalyzer to person who needs to submit his/her Identification for verifications.
    • Once Verifications documents are submitted by onboarding employee, we can get a callback from IDAnalyzer for the Verifications done via webhook hosted by Integromat.

Technical steps to Create a Integromat Scenario for ID Analyzer:

  • Collect the employees details via any form [ shown below ] and save the details into a google sheet details include name, phone number, age, address, email etc
Integration Integromat Forms
  • Use Integromat to get the data from Google sheet. Enquire us now to build this Integration for you.
  • Create scenario in Integromat and select google sheet as a trigger module and select operation Watch Records.
    • Select a google sheet Module and create connection for google sheet to select the sheet
  • Next, Select HTTP Module to call the IDAnayzer REST API
    • REST Endpoint:
    • Method: POST
Integromat IDanalyzer integration
  • Save the response into the Google sheet, using Google Sheet module.
  • Sample Request / Response for ID Analyzer Docupasss API
Sample Request ID Analyzer Docupass - Integromat
“verify_name”:”User name”,
“verify_age”: “18-80”,
  • If the request was successful then you will get 200 OK HTTP response with body
Sample Response | ID Analyzer Docupass - Integromat
“reference”: “2B3VLE8U5”,
“type”: 3,
“customid”: “CUST_Lessons24x7_202929229_0999”,
“url”: “”,
“qrcode”: “”,
“base_url”: “”,
“chtml”: “Scan QR Code below to start identity verification.
\”QR Or visit on your mobile phone and enter reference code:2B3VLE8U5″,
“expiry”: 1634208316

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