How to install Mulesoft (Mule 4) Anypoint Studio on Windows machine ?

For building integrations using Mulesoft, we need to install IDE – Anypoint studio.

Anypoint Studio: Build and test APIs and integrations quickly with Anypoint Platform’s desktop IDE.

We need to follow certain steps to install Mulesoft Anypoint studio locally on your Windows machine.

Set up i used for this demo :

  • Windows Operating system – Windows 10
  • System Configurations:  RAM 8 GB, Operating System 64-Bit

Windows_System_ConfigurationNote : Mulesoft Studio can work even with lower configurations than shown above.

Steps to follow :

    • Download Anypoint Studio 7 and Mule 4 from link
    • Register yourself to get the download.
    • Select the Operating system – In our demo case : Windows with 64 Bit
    • Agree to “License Agreement” and check-in the check box
    • Click on DOWNLOAD link to get the latest version of Mule 4 – Mulesoft Anytime Studio version.


Note : keep the path as short as you can to avoid any issues further

    • Example : unzip file using 7zip or winzip on your local machine
    • Enter the directory : F:\Mulesoft\AnypointStudio\
      • click on  AnypointStudio.exe

Mulesoft Anypoint Studio EXE

  • Select your workspace and click on “Launch”.
    • Workspace is location/directory on your local machine, where all source code for your mulesoft projects will reside.



  • Mulesoft Anypoint Studio is “Launched”. Let’s start building some cool stuff !!!

launch_anypoint studio


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