How to embedded Oracle OIC VBCS Application into Oracle Fusion Cloud ?

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service

Oracle VBCS stands for Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. Oracle Visual Builder is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure. It provides an open-source standards-based solution to develop, collaborate on, and deploy applications within Oracle Cloud.

In most of the Enterprise Solutions, where there is an requirement for a Custom application or need to enhance the functionality of Oracle Fusion Cloud (ERP), Oracle VBCS is clearly a better option to build Custom Application.

If you are a developer with a Background / Skill set of Oracle ADF, Oracle forms builder or Oracle JET and aspire to become a Cloud UI developer with Oracle product stack, you must upskill yourself on Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.

There are few articles / help material available online via Oracle Blogs which will help us to follow the right Learning Path on Oracle VBCS Development:

Video Tutorial: Basic Tour of a VBCS Application

Once you deploy / publish your application to Oracle Cloud via VBCS and if you wish that application to be part of Oracle Fusion Cloud.

You need to embedded Oracle OIC VBCS Application into Oracle Fusion Cloud using following steps:


Pre-Requisite : Public URL for published VBCS Application


Note : Above links for Oracle Blogs might refer to some old versions of VBCS or Oracle Fusion Cloud but most of the configurations are same in latest release for Oracle Fusion Cloud R20.


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