How to Create a Google Spreadsheet ?

Let’s get started with Google Spreadsheet tutorial !!!

Steps to Follow :

Google SpreadSheet Login Screen

  • Click on “Go to Google Sheets”.
  • Welcome Screen will open for you. If you wish to check out the options in details, please feel free to take a tour of the “Google Sheets” by clicking on Option “Take a Tour”.

Take A tour Of Google_Sheet


  • Some of the Options are also available as Standard Templates.
    • Standard Templates have predefined format, Columns / Formula / Formatting etc, which help you to perform your tasks in a specified manner.


  • Lets now “Create a New Google Sheet”.
    • Click on “Start a New Spreadsheet”. Choose option Blank.

How to Create blank new GoogleSheet

    • New Google Spread sheet will look like as below.

New Google Spreadsheet

    • Lets Enhance the Spread sheet by adding more data i.e. Columns “Name Heading” and “Sample Data” as rows.
      • Example :
        • Column A – First Name Of Person
        • Column B – Last Name Of Person
        • Column C – Contact Phone Number
        • Column D – Contact EmailID
        • Column E – Food Options (Veg or Non-Veg)
First Name Of Person Last Name Of Person Contact Phone Number Contact EmailID
Food Options(Veg or Non-Veg)

  • Bold the font for the Headings using below option.


Observe the Font Change — > Bold (it is now)

Bold font options in Google spreadsheet


  • Lets add more sample data to these columns.

Sample data example Google SpreadSheet

All online version of Google Spreadsheets are auto saved.

>>>> How to Rename Google Sheet 

  • Rename the Sheet – Click on “Untitled Spreadsheet” and add name as “Sample Contact-Form sheet v1”.

How to Rename GoogleSheet

  • Google Spreadsheet will be saved with name –“Sample Contact-Form sheet v1”.
  • Click on Google Spreadsheet button to return to Home screen of Google Spreadsheet.

How to navigate to Home Screen - Google Spreadsheet

  • You will find your Spread sheet available on your Google Drive.

Google Spreadsheet saved to Google Drive

Happy Learning – Google Excel sheet / Google Spreadsheet !!!


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