Exercise : Idioms & Idiomatic phrases

Exercise  No. 7.

Choose  the correct meaning of the following idioms//idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives.

1. To steal the show.

  • To gain popularity.
  • To rob someone of his wealth.
  • To leave the show stealthily.
  • To send someone out of show.


2. To show the door.

  • To extricate someone from service.
  • To escort someone up to door.
  • To repair the house door.
  • To exaggerate about self.


3. To push to the corner.

  • To make someone insignificant.
  • To fight with someone.
  • To make a physical assault.
  • To defeat someone in wrestling.


4. To eat a humble pie.

  • To eat a coarse food.
  • To eat delicious food.
  • To commit mistake and apologize.
  • To give food to the poor.


5. Above board.

  • To travel by a ship.
  • To cross all the limits.
  • To go on a voyage.
  • Fair without any doubt.


Answers: 1.A   2.A   .3.A   .4.C   5.D.




Exercise  No. 8.

Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms//idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives.

1. Over head and ears.

  • To cover one’s face.
  • To work very hard.
  • Completely, in all respects.
  • To make one’s all efforts.


2.On the brink of.

  • To be very intimate.
  • To go stray.
  • To be very close to
  • To stroll on river side.


3. To grease one’s palm.

  • To bribe someone.
  • To help the needy person.
  • To massage one’s hand.
  • To make an irritating gestures.


4. A  Lion’s share.

  • A major share.
  • An act of bravery.
  • Food for a lion.
  • A cage for a lion.


5. Out and out.

  • In a drunken condition.
  • Completely
  • To drink wine..
  • To turn someone out of home.


Answers: 1.C   2.C   3.A   4.A     5.B.




Exercise No. 9.

Out of four alternatives given for idioms/phrases underlined in the following sentences, choose one which expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

  1. When his brother returned from the factory, he lookedlike a duck in a thunder storm.
  • A.   Very handsome.
  • B.  Very tired.
  • C. Very enthusiastic
  • D. Distressed.


2. Ignoring his father’s warnings to him,  he burnt his fingers by interfering in John’s affairs.

  • A. Got ashamed of
  • B. Got himself into trouble
  • C. Suffered monetary loss.
  • D. burnt his hand in fire.


  1. I found his father having a cold feet in starting a new business.
  • A. Very confident about
  • B. Too much interested
  • C. reluctant
  • D. Over enthusiastic.


  1. He had to eat a humble pie in starting a row with his neighbour over a trifle.
  • A. To feel sorry and apologise for a wrong
  • B. to take simple  food
  • C. To remain without food
  • D.To be punished for doing something wrong.


  1. By disobeying the orders of his boss, John stirred up a hornet’s nest.
  • A. To get severe punishment.
  • B. To invite a trouble
  • C. To make a protest
  • D.To be imprisoned.


Answers: 1.D.   2.B.   3.C.   4.A.     5.B.




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