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Zapier is an app automation platform where over 2 million people connect apps into customized workflows—what we call Zaps.

A Zapier integration can connect your app’s API to the Zapier platform and let it integrate with 1,300+ other popular apps to watch for new or updated data, find existing data, or create and update data.

You can create a free account for Zapier to begin with !!!

Steps as below :

  • Directly search on google or access the URL :

Zapier Login Links

  • Signup Screen will appear. In case you have an existing account for Zapier, please login with those credentials.
  • If you are new user, than you have to register yourself first with Zapier.
    • You can login via Google or Facebook account or
    • You can create your own account, by providing your own personal/work email.

Zapier Login signUp Screen


  • For new user registration, please Click on “Sign up” link as shown above.
  • Please provide your personal / work email, First Name and Last Name as shown below:

Zapier platform Login signUp

  • Set the password for your account.

Zapier Login setup Password

  • One you login into Zapier Platform with your account. “Welcome to the Zapier Platform” Screen pops up and asks for your interests and Job Title.
    • I am a Zapier Developer and keen in learning more about the Zapier Integration Platform. So i choose my job Title as Developer.

Welcome to Zapier Platform

    • You have to accept and agree to the “Developer Terms of Service” with Zapier to proceed further.
    • Please accept
  • You can now start building your own Integrations. All the best !!!

Zapier MyIntegrations

Let’s get started to Build more Zaps !!!

Team “Lessons24x7” provides Enterprise Application Integration consulting and help you to Automate your apps via Zapier. 

Enquire us now !!!




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