Oracle Integration Cloud Service Training

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Become an expert in Oracle Integration Cloud Services by knowing insights about the product and product features. Get trained by our Integration Experts / Architects to become an expert for Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC). 

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What is OIC ?

  • OIC is an iPaas Platform offered by Oracle. The Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS from now on) provides the cloud based integration platform that can run and manage these integration flows. ICS exposes a browser based user interface through which the integration is first designed, then activated and managed.

Different types of Integration Adapters available for OIC ?

  • Oracle provides a number of adapters for use with Oracle Integration Cloud Service. More details are available on Oracle website

Why you should learn Oracle Integration Cloud Service ?

  • World is moving towards the API led approach for various Integration related requirements for their Enterprise. Companies are inclined to implement iPaas / Middleware platforms in their organization.
  • There is an increasing demand in Market for skilled Developers / Architects with Strong knowledge about “Enterprise Application Integration Architecture” with hands-on experience on iPaas platform “Oracle Integration Cloud Service”.

Who all should attend Training for Oracle Integration Cloud service ?

  • Folks already working on Oracle SOA suite and wants to Upskill themselves to Oracle Integration Cloud.
  • Folks already working on Mulesoft / Tibco / Webmethods and other integration tools, want to cross-train themselves to Oracle Integration Cloud.
  • Developers and Architects with Basic knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and have zeal to learn Cloud Integration.
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Course Objective :

  • Understand OIC components, features, and capabilities
  • Create Packages and leverage pre-built integrations
  • Configure Trigger and invoke built-in OIC adapter properties
  • Understand the steps for installing an on-premises agent
  • Describe OIC security support at the integration flow level
  • Use the OIC dashboard to get runtime data and metrics for connections and integrations
  • Monitor and manage runtime integration errors
  • Configure and use business identifiers for tracking fields
  • Perform basic management tasks using the OIC REST API
  • Define REST and SOAP adapter properties for integrating web services
  • Describe the OIC-supported message exchange patterns
  • Configure the Basic Map My Data 1-way and 2-way integration patterns
  • Define the Publish to OIC and Subscribe to OIC integration patterns
  • Create content-based routing filters and branches leveraging conditional expressions
  • Transform data with the OIC mapper, XPath functions, and OIC lookups
  • Describe agent framework

Course Topics :

1 Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC): Architectural Overview

  • Basic architecture & use case overview
  • Understanding OIC components & capabilities
  • Basic configuration workflow steps

2. Creating Packages and Using Pre-built Integrations

  • Describe and use a pre-built OIC integration
  • Create, export, and import packages
  • Editing a pre-built OIC connection
  • Versioning and Activating integrations

3. Configuring Adapters and Defining Connections

  • Understanding OIC built-in adapters
  • Configuring trigger and invoke adapter properties
  • Defining REST and SOAP adapter properties
  • Overview of available cloud adapters

4. Defining and Configuring Integrations

  • Describe the OIC-supported message exchange patterns
  • Understanding the steps for creating an OIC integration
  • Using the Basic Map integration pattern
  • Using the publish and subscribe to OIC integration pattern

5. Data Mapping and Lookups

  • Transforming data with the OIC mapper
  • Advanced mapping using XPath functions
  • Understanding OIC data lookups
  • Sharing information between applications using lookups
  • Using the built-in lookup function

6. Advanced Integrations and Orchestrations

  • Creating content-based routing filters and branches
  • Creating conditional expressions
  • Using the Orchestration integration pattern

5. Orchestrations View Options

  • Leverage the three different views for editing Orchestration integrations
  • Use the new Inline Menu
  • Feature Flags in OIC – Lifecycle

6. Advanced Integrations and Orchestrations

  • Use the OIC Recommendation Engine for data mapping
  • Take advantage of the new OIC Nested Scopes feature
  • Leverage the new OIC Invoke Local Integrations feature
  • Change connections in an integration using the REST API

7. Agents for SaaS and On-Premises Integration

  • Understand the benefits of using agents
  • Describe how the agent framework implements connectivity for integrations
  • Create a connection to on-premises endpoints
  • Describe the steps to perform an agent management task

8. Monitoring Integrations

  • Using the OIC dashboard to get runtime data and metrics
  • Understand how to filter and track messages
  • Configure and use business identifiers for tracking fields
  • Monitor and manage runtime integration errors

9. OIC Best Practices

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