Sentence Formation & Parts of Sentence

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Topics Covered –

  • Sentence Formation
  • Parts of Sentence

This Course is designed and compiled by group of Professional Educational Consultants, Devised with a view to help Students / Professionals.


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Below Topics will be Covered as part of “This Course”: 

  • Sentence formation
    • What is a Sentence?
    • Types of Sentences:
      • Affirmative Sentence
      • Imperative Sentences
      • Exclamatory Sentences
      • Optative Sentences
  • Parts of Sentence
    • Subject and Predicate
    • Subject, Verb and Object
      •  Transitive verb
      •  Intransitive verb
    • Covers Rules for to Distinguish Subject and Predicate in the sentences.
  • Practice Test – Total 2
    • One Test per Lesson/Topic Covered  
    • Test your basic understanding of the topics you studied.
    • Instant Evaluation on your test submission.
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