Amazon Web Services Masterclass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface

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In this ‘Amazon Web Services Masterclass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface’ course, you will get an in-depth look at this comprehensive and essential toolset called AWS CLI. AWS CLI can be used to manage various AWS services like EC2, IAM, ELB, ECS and many others. Dive deep into many of these services and learn how to deploy, configure and manage some of the key cloud components available for these services. Length: 5.5 hrs

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Whether you are an experienced AWS user or are just getting started with cloud computing, you know it is quite easy to get your infrastructure components deployed in the AWS cloud. n nBut do you ever wonder how you can orchestrate and manage your AWS resources in an easy and efficient manner? Or how do you automate the deployment and configuration of your EC2 instances, your IAM users, your elastic load balancers, and numerous other AWS components services that your applications rely on? If so, then this Amazon Web Services Masterclass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface course is for you! n nAcquire these skills and be a part of this cloud computing revolution! In this course, you will find real actionable information and education in exchange for your time and willingness to learn – all at a fraction of the cost you will be able to demand as a cloud engineer or consultant. Be highly sought after and take your career to the next level! n n What is Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)? n nAWS CLI is a comprehensive and essential toolset provided by AWS which helps software engineers, IT and operations teams and DevOps engineers manage their cloud services and resources. It is a command line interface tool which facilitates automation by using scripting to operationalize your AWS resources from the command window or terminal. n nIf you are serious about automating your AWS based cloud infrastructure – then using the AWS CLI toolset in conjunction with bash scripting is the only way to go. And when any startup or technology company is looking to implement DevOps practices to automate their cloud infrastructure – they are willing to pay big money for cloud engineers and consultants to help them manage their cloud infrastructure. In fact, the hourly rates cloud engineers are easily few hundred dollars an hour, and the demand for these skills is just exploding! n n What’s Included? n n Unlimited 12 months access n Access anywhere, any time n Fast effective training, written and designed by industry experts n Track your progress with our Learning Management System n Unlimited support n Save money, time and travel costs n Learn at your own pace and leisure n Easier to retain knowledge and revise topics than traditional methods n Exam preparation quizzes, tests and mock exams to ensure that you are 100% ready n n[add to cart id=”1636239″]

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