IBPS Clerk Exam Practice Test 3

Few Tips to master Cloze Test :-


1.Read the passage thoroughly :- Go through the passage once or twice to understand the theme of the topic before trying to fill in the blanks. Once you are able to understand what author is trying to convey it becomes easier to answer the questions.

2.Recognize the type of word to fill in :- Try to recognize which part of speech can fit in  ? can it be Noun? Preposition ? Conjuction? Verb ? or Something else

3.Very important to recognize the tone of the passage ? Sometimes narrative, Sometimes critical, Sometimes humorous !

4.Try to eliminate options if you are provided with .

5.Choose the words with the correct contextual meaning . There can be words with multiple meanings , hence to recognize what author is trying to convey is important.


Try to go through some of the tests and you will able to understand better :-

Test your knowledge !

IBPS Clerk | Cloze Test 3

Please take the test to check your knowledge on “Sentence Formation” ! 

Test Instructions:

  • This Test takes about 10 Minutes to complete.
  • There are 15 questions in this test.
  • A Mark is given for each correct answer.
  • There is no negative marking for a wrong answer.
  • All questions are mandatory to attempt.
  • At the end candidates are allowed to check their answers and results.

All the best ! Please click on button “Start Quiz”.

Please choose the most appropriate option.Every question has four options attached with it.


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