English Learning Management System

LessonEnglishGrammar in Classrooms

Students, Parents, Schools, Colleges and Universities prepare or upgrade their learning systems to Digital Learning systems otherwise they sure to lag behind and miss big time opportunities.

Unleash each student's potential
Comprehensive digital English learning environment, “LessonEnglishGrammar” is a simplified SaaS based Platform which transforms and inspires student engagement in every classroom. It will bring down all barriers between a student, teacher and school for an effective learning. Need of the hour is to provide knowledge to all students while engaging them, giving them personalized experience and make resources available to learn accessible anytime, everywhere.
Engage Students Anytime Anywhere
Everyone can access our online platform from anywhere. Students can take online assignments, teachers can upload assignments, articles and dashboard to monitor performance of students. Principals or College heads can monitor the performance of a class via LeEnGr dashboard.
Access Control
Authentication and Authorization based access to relevant stakeholders is provided to relevant resources.  Students and Teachers will have access to different level of information and analytics to evaluate performance.
Certificate of Appreciation to be provided to students who complete all the Course material and assignments on time. It will help students to be pro-active in completing the tasks assignment to them and is a motivation in itself. Certificates are issued with life-long validity
Technology has changed the possibilities within teaching and learning
 A SaaS {Software-as-a-Service} solution enables you to focus on teaching and learning, rather than managing technology.
Key Features available:
    • Complete coverage for English Grammar Topics
    • Structured program designed
    • Online Knowledge tests at the end of each topic
    • Instantaneous results on submission of Online assignments
    • Students and teachers will get results automatically on their emails on submission
    • Teachers can also collaborate with our Educational Consultants to create assignments
    • Access to Self-paced e-Learning Additional Courses
    • Access to English Grammar knowledge base
    • Students can post their queries to student forums anytime.
    • Students queries on forums are being answered within a short time by our Educational Consultants
    • Wide range of standard reports & ad-hoc reporting for creating custom reports.
    • Platform has Modern User Interface (UI)
    • Personalized experience for students to change their profiles, UI skin colors and to make study groups
    • Displays seamlessly on any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
    • All the robust functionality & ease of use
    • Strong customer service support from our educational consultants and technical consultants for queries from Teachers or System Administrators
    • Offer students the opportunity to participate in online communication activities such as blogs, essays.